Another Time, Another Place: Console
On Film, 2011

To my delight, I have seen and heard Mary Edwards perform her music in person.  Her modern work entertains, yet I'd always feel that it came from another time and another place.  Some of her music sounds as if it should have been part of that wonderful soundtrack to the hit 1966 French film, "A Man and A Woman."  It has that dash of European sophistication. Mary is planning a series of music videos, which I expect to be edited like that film, or a saucy 60's French romance starring Catherine Deneuve.

The sophistication with CONSOLE continues, this time with more of an American flavor.  The first three cuts, which include the title tune, project a Laura Nyro influence in words, music and often voice.  From "Console":

Two diaries, ultimate intrigue
C'est bon l'amour
Like a book we are opening
You saw my life and I let you in

The biggest surprise—the tunes that call to mind the brassy jazz rock best of Chicago or cuts on the Steely Dan "Aja" album—are "The Sound of Someday," "Faster, Sunset" and "Center City People."  You find yourself wishing that star vocalists would hear Mary Edwards and cover a couple of tunes which would help broaden the singer/songwriter's fan base.  "The Stroud Green Affair" conjures up a '70s Marvin Gaye feel even though we never find out who Stroud Green is. Just go with the vibe.

Vocally, several cuts on CONSOLE serve her best, where her she is quite up front and present.  You hear her words and phrasing above the band.  Give a listen to Mary Edwards' new CD.  Your ears will thank you for it.

–Bobby Rivers, 2011

© 2011 Mary Edwards.