On the eve of my birthday, I am putting forth a wish to sucessfully produce my next album—with your help.

I have been "flying solo" in terms of production—as writer, composer, arranger, performer, engineer and even designer—to see the first two albums, CONSOLE and A SMILE IN THE MIND to fruition. It has been a rewarding, yet monumental effort. I am looking to navigate my creative parameters and horizon in a different direction for my next cohesive body of work. In essence, I am looking for a co-pilot and a crew to fly this one with me!

At this time, I am reaching out to you—my community of listeners and supporters—to please consider a contribution within your means toward my bringing additional personnel on board my next project. 

As I will continue at the helm with composing, writing, arranging and performing, all proceeds will go towards the musicians, the engineer and the studio as well as promotion and a release concert performance. In return, you will receive an advance copy of the album, a special acknowledgement in the liner notes, and the knowing that your pledge—no matter how great or small—will be equally thoughtful and has helped to get this project off the ground.

With Warm Thanks,
Mary Edwards
September 2011


© 2011 Mary Edwards.