Happy Sweet Sixteen, Jess! xoxo-Mary Edwards

Sixteen candles, passage to adulthood
you're at the age of knowing, and you know it's feeling so good
to be a girl, standing at the threshold
everything you've worked for is coming to you threefold
spiritual, physical, you manisfest original
everybody knows you're a striking individual
even as a young girl, you'd rise to the occasion
your friends and your family think that you're amazing

A promise to the future
nobody has to tell ya'
girl you are the future
the world is in your hands

You're an old soul, you do whatever you choose
you never have to walk in anybody's shoes
responsibilities put you in demand
but the world's not on your shoulders, it's in your precious hands
the ones that send a text or make a friendly call
the ones that do karate or spike a volleyball
you're a champion, your song is always sung
take it easy, girl, enjoy being young

©2010 Mary Edwards